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Sticky pad

Product Description


Original materials: PE

Thickness(um) : 30 ~ 150

Width (cm) : 5 ~ 150 length (m): 100 ~ 2000

Color: transparent, sapphire blue, milky white,black and white which can be customized according to customer requirements

Print: monochrome/double color/three colors

Glue: acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive force (g/25 mm): 20 ~ 400

Stretching rate (%): 300

Tensile strength (N/25mm) :15

Applications:sticky mat is mainly applied to stick onto the entrance or buffer zone neededfor dust purification space, and can effectively stick and remove the dust onthe soles and wheels, to minimize the impact of dust on purifying the environmentquality, so as to achieve simple dust removal effect.

Typical Applications
Technical parameters
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