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Testing-run film (screen printing para-position film)

Product Description


Original materials: PE

Thickness(um) : 0.04-0.063

Width (cm) : 5 ~ 150 length (m): 


Glue: acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive force (g/25 mm): 20 ~ 400

Stretching rate (%): 200

Tensile strength (N/25mm) :18

Thefilm is thin and transparent, and has good transparency and minimal thickness toleranceand can peel, while testing-run samples can be clearly aligned. The use of screenprinting and other printed matters can highly reduce the error rate of lines orother pattern lines, effectively reduce the material consumption of screen printingprocess and raise the productivity of screen printing process.

Applications:widely used in PCB, LED, SMT, membrane switch and many other industries

Typical Applications
Technical parameters
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